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MINUTE est une structure de création et de diffusion des pratiques en arts médiatiques liées à l'image et au son, valorisant les collaborations entre artistes. Le collectif Minute a été fondé en 2002 par Nicole Gingras et Eric Mattson, deux commissaires indépendants de Montréal reconnus pour leur engagement dans la diffusion d'oeuvres innovatrices questionnant et provoquant nos habitudes d'observation et d'écoute. Le 3e membre de Minute est Suzanne Saint-Denis, artiste et travailleure culturelle qui oeuvre professionnellement dans la gestion et administration d'organismes culturels. Les activités de MINUTE portent sur l'aide à la création d'oeuvres en arts médiatiques et sur la diffusion de ces oeuvres dans un contexte national et international.

MINUTE is a structure which promotes collaboration between artists for the creation and dissemination of media art involving sound and image. The minute collective was founded in 2002 by Nicole Gingras and Eric Mattson, two independent Montreal curators known for their commitment to innovative works which explore our observation and listening habits, and by the cultural worker Suzanne Saint-Denis, currently administrative director of the Montreal theatre company ubu. MINUTE 's activities focus on assisting the creation of work in media art, sound art and music and on disseminating this work at home and abroad. MINUTE's activities are ad hoc and have been noted by audiences for their unique qualities.

Nicole Gingras, author and exhibition curator, is interested in experimental cinema, video, Web art and sound art. She has edited the anthology Sound in Contemporary Canadian Art (Artextes, 2003) and published a series of interviews with the Montreal artist Raymond Gervais (2007). Her projects for 2009 include an exhibition of the work of Rolf Julius in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Montreal.

Eric Mattson is an independent curator in the fields of electronic music and new media. He has organised performances of electronic music in Quebec and abroad at venues such as the IDEAL festival in Nantes; Garage, Club Transmediale and Tesla in Berlin; Koneisto in Helsinki; Isea 2004 in Tallinn, Estonia; and in Oslo and Bergen, Norway. Director of ORAL_records, he also produces Outsider Art Books and CDrs mostly with La Fondation Les mMpatients (Montreal).

Les Productions MINUTE (2002-2015) termine ses activités à l'automne 2015.

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